Joanna Hernandez

Joanna Hernandez

Three months into this presidency, and what a time it’s been!

Some might say the timing is horrible. But I say, it’s about time.

This time reminds me a lot of when I was growing up in the Amsterdam Projects in New York City. People pushed. People shoved. People got into everyone’s business and into each other’s faces. I know what it’s like to pull your own weight. And I know that situations sometimes get ugly before the smoke clears.

As an alliance partner, NABJ has concerns. It’s always the right time to bring concerns to the surface. This is the only way the UNITY board can begin to address them head on and iron out differences in a true collaboration with all UNITY partners sitting as equals at the table.

It’s time to figure out how to figure out UNITY. Because if people believe in the core values of UNITY, then there is a place for an alliance like UNITY.

UNITY wants to explore the concerns raised by NABJ. We’ve committed to a new strategic plan that will address them, including governance and financing. And much of the agenda for this month’s UNITY board meeting focuses on NABJ’s concerns.

I look forward to working with NABJ to iron out differences and continue our work together as equal partners in the spirit of UNITY. It is our desire that NABJ be a part of shaping UNITY’s future.

The industry needs us. And it’s time to put our focus back on diversity.

Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

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