NAHJ Video Pitches


After the video begins, click the playlist icon Playlist Icon - Click or Press to activate scrollable playlist view. in the toolbar to browse the New U II video pitches from NAHJ.


Ashley Cisneros

Ashley Cisneros is an entrepreneurial journalist and principal of Ashley Cisneros, Inc. based in Orlando, Fla. A former newspaper reporter, magazine editor, tech writer, marketing manager and PR practitioner, Cisneros helps individuals and companies leverage the selling power of words. Her firm’s communication products (advertorials, articles, speeches, etc.) save corporations, small businesses and media companies precious time and money while helping engage their target audiences.

Patricia Nazario

As a veteran multimedia journalist, new media entrepreneur, and cub documentary filmmaker, Patricia Nazario is applying her 20 years of radio, TV, and print reporting experience into developing a bilingual, socially-conscious documentary (for theatrical release) about how the national food truck movement is increasing multicultural/multiracial mixing.

On the front end, the free mobile app component is a multiple-choice survey that foodies use to indicate personal details (ie: race, education, income level), and how their participation in the street-food revolution is changing their social interactions with those of different ethnicities, religions, or from different countries; while on the backend, the surveys’ answers feed an automatically updating visually-enhanced, pay-as-you-go database that journalists and academics use to define this growing segment of our population.

Mekahlo Medina

MeNow is a mobile app that brings you news and information based your location. With your help, we can create a new way to consume content and in the process a new way to focus on communities that often go uncovered. Please vote for MeNow in the NewU competition.

Clarisel Gonzalez

Clarisel Gonzalez is the editor and publisher of PRSUN Communications, an independent multimedia social entrepreneurship with a growing portfolio of new media products and photo services focusing on the Puerto Rican and US Latino market. She is a veteran journalist with a background as an editor and reporter. She has served as a journalist in New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico. PRSUN Communications has a business and social mission of informing, empowering and building community with a multimedia approach.

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