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AAJA Participants

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Athima Chansanchai

Athima Chansanchai is the founder/president of Tima Media and a daily contributor to Currently the national secretary for the Asian American Journalists Association, she has also edited and reported at The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Baltimore Sun and The Village Voice.

Cynthia Liu

Cynthia Liu, PhD, is CEO/Founder of the online organizing and education news site, a “MoveOn” for supporters of public education. In 2011, she received the / HTC 2011Innovator Award for co-producing the California School Funding MapTool highlighting the impact of statewide budget cuts on K-12 public education by school and state legislative districts. A political blogger since 2003 who covered the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Cynthia is a social media savvy mom to an elementary school kid and a strong advocate of the social web’s ability to provide tools and information for maximum parent and civic engagement benefiting the nation’s schools.

Yvonne Leow

Yvonne Leow is a visual journalist who believes in the power of storytelling. She strives to make stories matter through Noowah, and with your help, she can. She is a regional video producer at The Associated Press. Learn more about her at

Caroline Li

Caroline Li is an arts and culture writer, backpacker, band manager, and grassroots organizer. The world is her playground and she’s inviting you to join the fun, while making it a better place for everyone.

Jeffrey Yang

Jeff Yang is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal Online and a regular contributor to WNYC Radio’s “The Takeaway” as a member of its Friday Follow pundit panel. He was the founder/CEO of A. Media, publisher of the leading Asian American periodical A. Magazine, and, in 1999, raised $5 million to launch one of the first Asian American digital communities, More info can be found here:

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