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Coverage of UNITY 2004 Convention

UNITY 2004 LogoUNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc. became the subject of intense news coverage during and after the August 4 - 8 convention in Washington, D.C.  

As the world’s largest gathering of journalists, we heightened awareness of culture and diversity in both newsrooms and in the news.

The articles written range from impassioned commentary about the "Diversity in the Washington Press Corps" report released during the convention, to hard news coverage of President Bush's and Senator Kerry's visits.

With more than 8,100 attendees, it was inevitable that UNITY would leave a distinct mark in history.  

We invite you to read a sampling of the coverage surrounding the convention by exploring the links on the right to see how UNITY 2004 made a significant contribution to awareness of diversity in the media profession.

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