UNITY’s position on Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality


UNITY: Journalists of Color believes that Net Neutrality is fundamental to maintaining a free flow of ideas and vibrant democracy on the Internet. UNITY believes the integrity of the Internet depends upon the inclusion of diverse media voices and communities of color. We oppose any efforts by means of technological, legislative, or content strategies to block innovation and free speech on the Internet.

Updates and Headlines on Net Neutrality

Media Consolidation

Minority Ownership

UNITY: Journalists of Color believes that America is best served by media that reflect diverse voices, multiple viewpoints, and the widest possible ownership. We oppose additional consolidation of the nation’s media. We believe that media consolidation has a chilling effect on communities of color who are already underrepresented as media owners. We support initiatives that result in increased media ownership by people of color.

Updates and Headlines on Media Consolidation

Updates and Headlines on Minority Ownership

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