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RTNDA's comparison charts for journalists of color in U.S. newsrooms.

RTDNA’s comparison charts for journalists of color in U.S. newsrooms.

Research by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) shows a record number of minority TV news directors, a record number of women TV news directors and a record number of women in television news.

However, minority numbers are slipping in radio, and the minority workforce in broadcast news is rising at less than half the rate of the minority population overall.

The minority workforce in television news rose to 23.1 percent, the second highest level ever, and up a full point from a year ago. African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans all went up, while Asian Americans slid.

The percentage of minority TV news directors is at 17.1 percent, beating the old record of 15.5 percent set in 2008, including a record 5.5 percent level for African American news directors. Minority gains were made in nearly every category of market size and staff size in the survey.

The percentage of women TV news directors reached an all-time high of 33.1 percent, up more than two points from last year, and a record 44.2 percent of the TV newsroom workforce are women.

In radio news, the minority workforce fell by 0.4 percent, with African Americans and Native Americans dropping, Hispanics rising and Asian Americans holding steady. However, the percent of minority news directors in radio rebounded from a drop last year, up almost two and a half points. The percentage of women radio news directors is up by more than 4 points, but women in the radio workforce dropped by nearly 7 percent.

In two weeks, RTDNA will post more data from one of our most popular areas of research: broadcast newsroom staffing.

To see the numbers and learn more, see RTDNA’s latest report on its annual newsroom survey at rtdna.org.


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