UNITY Diversity Caucuses

2015 UNITY Diversity Caucus. (Photo by  Bill O’Leary of The Washington Post)

2015 UNITY Diversity Caucus. (Photo by Bill O’Leary of The Washington Post)

Partnering with Media Leaders

“One of UNITY’s goals in hosting the Diversity Caucus is to create strategic partnerships to develop and strengthen the programs that UNITY offers, and also enable UNITY to work with organizations to help them achieve their diversity goals.

UNITY will work to build on the good will among those who attended the caucus to coordinate efforts to make our industry more representative of the communities we cover.”

~ David Steinberg, past president of UNITY.

A changing perspective on diversity

UNITY held its first diversity caucus in 2014 with the goal of bringing together industry partners who believe in making our nation’s newsrooms more diverse. Partners throughout the industry learned about the demographic shifts coming to the country and discussed some of the ways we would have to change how we cover communities to better reflect them. They also mentioned how much help they need from UNITY and other diversity partners to keep a pipeline of great journalists in newsrooms and to cover the kinds of stories the demographic shift will bring.

The caucus inspired a reshaping of many of UNITY’s programs and a retooling of the organization’s mission and expand the vision of what makes for a diverse newsroom.

Diversity Caucuses in Action

UNITY ‘Diversity Caucus’ Jump Starts Organization’s New Direction

Earlier this month, more than sixty journalists, editors, and representatives from journalism organizations convened for the second UNITY: Journalists for Diversity’s “Diversity Caucus.” Participants discussed UNITY’s new direction and brainstormed on best practices for engaging more diversity in the newsroom.

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