Check out this book by S. McEachin Otts. He was one of UNITY’s luncheon panelists at our Alabama Regional Media Summer in October 2015:

btt-coverBetter Than Them, The Unmaking of an Alabama Racist by S. McEachin Otts
published by New South Books

This book reveals and analyzes contrasting accounts from the New York Times and a local Alabama newspaper as to civil rights activities in the summer of 1965.

Using a blend of personal, cultural, historical, and psychological analysis—plus penetrating interviews of former demonstrators and antagonists—the author seeks to understand the basis for racism and its remedies. He returns to the site where he stood, weapon-in-hand, witnessing a peaceful summer-of-1965 civil rights march in the Alabama Black Belt—a march that turned violent. His quest goes back to his youth and even to the glories and unspoken shame of his plantation-owning, slave-holding ancestors. While Better Than Them presents a rare nonfiction personal and cultural backdrop for racism, it also traces an eighteen-year-old’s violent hatred, his transformation, and what happened to the enabling racist cultures that engulfed him. The case is made for transparency and inclusiveness, a grass roots conversation that allows for self-exposure and deals with race relations and racism upfront rather than today’s ineffective political correctness—elephants in the room.


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