Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the NABJ-NAHJ joint convention in Washington, D.C., in August 2016.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at the NABJ-NAHJ joint convention on Aug. 5, 2016, in Washington, D.C.

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By Charlie Kadado
UNITY 2016 Reporting Fellow

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was welcomed with light applause Friday during her address to the joint convention of the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists in Washington, D.C.

Clinton, who is no stranger to black and Hispanic audiences, tailored her remarks to appeal to minority voters. But this was different. No signs. No slogans. Just talk.

The former secretary of state has been criticized for not holding a press conference in more than eight months. She has admitted in the past that her relationship with the press has also been shaky at times.

“On behalf of all of us, we encourage you to do this more often,” Ed O’Keefe, a reporter at the Washington Post, told Clinton.

NABJ and NAHJ invited Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to address its members, but he did not respond, according to a joint statement.

One day after the convention, NABJ President Sarah Glover and NAHJ President Brandon Benavides said the organizations issued a second invitation to Trump to host a press conference within 60 days after the NABJ-NAHJ convention.

“We know it is important for our members and the communities we cover to hear from both sides of the aisle,” the statement said. “Some members of the audience applauded during Clinton’s responses. This is no reflection of our journalistic values, which include being non-partisan and objective.”

Clinton said journalists have a “special responsibility” and warned that a Trump presidency would be a threat to press freedom, she believes.

“I want you to hold me accountable – press and citizens alike,” she said. “The stakes are as high as they’ve ever been in our lifetimes, and we all have to do our part.”

READ unscripted moments from Clinton’s remarks:

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